Prior to2012
The MILENA and OLGA technologies are invented at the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN). Royal Dahlman and ECN finalize their cooperation to commercialize MILENA and OLGA technologies into the market. OLGA technology selected for use in a few small-scale facilities, and MILENA reaches 800kW pilot scale.
Synova acquires a minority share in Royal Dahlman to bring the MILENA-OLGA technologies into project development readiness.
MILENA-OLGA technologies are further developed between ECN, Royal Dahlman, and Synova, and vetted by the UK Energy Technologies Institute and external engineering companies.
Synova fully acquires the renewable technology division of Royal Dahlman. This technology division goes on to found MILENA OLGA Joint Innovation BV (MOJI) in a joint venture with ECN. MOJI’s subsidiary MOJIA owns all IP and knowhow and is henceforth the technology licensor.
ECN joins TNO and becomes “ECN-part-of-TNO”.