OLGA invented by ECN and realized on lab-scale
MILENA invented by ECN and realized on lab-scale
Dahlman starts the cooperation with ECN for the development of the OLGA technology.
The industrial OLGA pilot and installed at ECN downstream a 500 kW. CFB gasifier, long run pilot tests prove OLGA’s success.
OLGA technology is selected to clean the product gas for a commercial demonstration in France, upstream the first Caterpillar engines operating on gasification product gas.
Dahlman and ECN decide to formalize their cooperation to bring the OLGA technology to the market.
Dahlman Renewable Technology BV (DRT), as subsidiary of the Dahlman Industrial Group is founded. DRT meets the later founders of Synova.
OLGA is selected to clean the product gas of a chicken-manure/wood gasification installation in Portugal. DRT starts the cooperation with ECN for the optimization and further development of the MILENA gasification technology.
The existing OLGA pilot at ECN is slightly modified to remove tars downstream the new MILENA pilot gasifier.
Dahlman honorably receives a “Royal” designation from the Former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands at its 125 year birthday.
Synova formalizes its cooperation by acquiring a minority share in Royal Dahlman. MILENA-OLGA technology is selected for a soya stalk gasification project in India.
The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) in the UK selects DRT as one of three companies to design the most cost-effective, economically viable and efficient waste to energy plant possible. At the end of this two-year project, comprising a FEED and extensive gasification tests with British waste, MILENA-OLGA technology proved to be most efficient by far.
Retrofit of the existing CFB-OLGA power plant in Portugal. The plant is now fueled by waste (RDF) and in the following years successfully executes several test and demonstration runs, witnessed by 200+ persons in several campaigns.
MILENA OLGA Joined Innovation BV (MOJI) is founded, a joined venture of ECN and DRT that owns all IP and knowhow and is fron then on the technology licensor. DRT is fully acquired by Synova and hence becomes and subsidiary of Synova.
ECN joins TNO and becomes “ECN-part-of-TNO”.