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With our highly efficient approach to waste gasification and energy production, Synova drives attractive returns on the sale of power or syngas while also disposing of waste in a sanitary manner. This works in the developed world where tipping fees are relatively high and energy costs are often relatively low, offering a solution that is pragmatic at relatively smaller scales and at a fraction of the cost of conventional waste-to-energy. And in parts of the world such as Asia, where power and natural gas rates are relatively high but tipping fees low, our solution also acts as a pivot point, with economics that enable increased diversion of waste from dirty open landfills to clean energy. Ultimately it’s the blended margin that counts—the combination of energy rates and tipping fees—but the technology is a game changer in markets where tip fees are low.

of the world’s waste is dumped or landfilled
is the highest fraction of Municipal Solid Waste a country has diverted to recycling or composting (Austria)
billion USD of capital required to address the first 80% of the unmet need
is the number of WTE plants China plans to install in the next few years

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Comprehensive, clean and affordable MSW disposal

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Impact investing with conventional investment returns

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