A Global Problem

People produce vastly more waste than our planet can sustain.

Waste is a huge and growing problem. The world’s people produce an astonishing 3.6 million tonnes of municipal solid waste each day. By 2025, that’s projected to rise to 6.1 million metric tonnes per day. While it’s generally contained in highly developed countries, it’s generally out of control in the rest of the world, adversely affecting health and contaminating our air, landscape, fresh water and oceans.

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million tonnes per day of Municipal Solid Waste
million tonnes per day of Green House Gas emitted from open landfills or dumps
million tonnes of plastic is added to the oceans each year
million tonnes per day of Municipal Solid Waste by 2025

Top 10 Sources of Ocean's Plastic Waste

(2010, in millions of tons)

The millions of tonnes of plastic reaching our oceans every year poison sea life and disrupt marine ecosystems on a massive scale.

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Synova addresses the residual waste that does not get recycled - the fraction that conventional “cherry-picked” recycling leaves behind.

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is the projected rate of non-OECD vs. OECD growth in urban waste generated per year
of plastic in the ocean comes from Asia
tip fees in countries without sanitary disposal are usually +/- 1/10th of those with sanitary disposal
growth of energy demand in non-OECD countries

Projected Electricity Demand

(in quadrillion BTUs)

Demand for energy is growing rapidly. This is driven by three forces - population growth, increases in per capita spending power, and urbanization. It is strongest where waste disposal systems are weakest. (i.e., in developing economies). To meet demand without driving further climate change, the world will need many sources of clean energy. An average tonne of waste left to rot in an open dump emits 1.0 tonnes of CO₂-equivalent greenhouse gas, so diverting this waste to be recycled into clean energy does far more than just offset fossil fuel.

The Synova Solution

Waste-to-energy solutions address both growth in waste production and increasing demand for energy head on. Our technology generates electricity from waste more cleanly and efficiently than conventional waste-to-energy solutions, producing up to 1.5x to 2x more power per tonne of waste. This allows the Synova solution to make financial sense even in countries without high tipping fees, countries where sanitary means of waste disposal are needed the most.
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