Our Solution

Synova recycles waste into clean energy—addressing waste issues and meeting demand for alternative energy sources.

Synova uses a revolutionary process to remove unwanted impurities from residual waste so it can be used to produce clean, efficient power or chemical energy.

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Waste is Pure, If You Remove the Impurities

In gas form, waste can be separated into its underlying chemical components in ways not possible with liquid or solid waste. The OLGA® process strips gasified municipal solid waste (MSW) of tars and other impurities, leaving pure hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. The process unlocks this clean, pure, and largely biogenic energy so that it can be used without harming the environment. Contaminants—small in volume—are removed and/or sequestered or recycled.

Energy from Waste—Without Incineration

Synova’s process creates clean syngas—energy from waste—without incineration. Compared to traditional waste conversion technologies, clean syngas lowers emissions and enables increased energy efficiency.

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Introducing OLGA

The OLGA process uses conventional petrochemical refinery technology in a novel sequence to remove heavy and light tars from syngas. Once these tars are removed, other impurities in the syngas can also be removed.

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Synova's Role

Synova takes a comprehensive approach to developing cleaner, more efficient waste-to-energy projects.

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Good for the Environment

Synova takes waste conversion beyond what’s possible with solid waste separation - by recycling the residual, which usually goes into dumps or landfills. The results include cleaner air and water.

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