Synova to acquire Dahlman Renewable Technology

MAASSLUIS, the Netherlands, 2 May 2017 – Synova, a developer of waste and biomass gasification technology and projects, has reached agreement with Royal Dahlman, a leader in process filtration and scrubbing systems for the petrochemical industries, to acquire 100% of its renewable division, Dahlman Renewable Technology (“DRT”). The acquisition of DRT strengthens Synova’s capabilities to develop and deploy their game changing waste to energy solution to replace landfills and incineration plants.

DRT grew out of Royal Dahlman’s heritage of excellence in the design and engineering of systems for removal or separation of contaminants for the world’s leading refiners and petrochemical plants. When the Energy Center of the Netherlands (ECN) adapted a refinery technology to effectively removes contaminants from gasified biomass or waste — the breakthrough required to realize the real benefits of gasification — they naturally turned to Royal Dahlman to collaborate on its commercialization. They also collaborated on the ECN’s innovative MILENA gasifier, and DRT grew out of this effort to adapt Royal Dahlman’s deep experience serving the world’s largest refiners to systems focused on renewable feedstocks.  

Synova is a developer of projects and technology which employ these technologies and has been a minority investor in Royal Dahlman since 2012. Demonstration plants have been successfully commissioned and run with DRT technologies, while Synova has larger commercial projects under development that are nearing construction. The transaction, coupled with the formation of MOJI earlier this month, consolidate the management and resources for deployment of the technology.

The agreement provides for Synova to acquire 100% of DRT from Royal Dahlman and relinquish its minority interest in Royal Dahlman.  DRT will retain its separate identity within Synova and remain in Maassluis, where Synova’s main office is also co-located.  

Giffen Ott, CEO at Synova states: “We are delighted to enhance Synova’s capabilities by acquiring our key partner, DRT. DRT’s unrivalled expertise in the removal of contaminants from gasified waste or biomass is pivotal to our ability to remove unwanted impurities from residual waste, producing an exceptionally pure gas which can be used for higher value applications than normal gasification, such as gas turbines, liquid fuels, or chemicals. This facilitates the first truly clean and pragmatic solution for regions of the world most critically in need of sanitary waste solutions, to reduce ocean plastic, reduce greenhouse gases, and provide indigenous energy.”

Recent developments

On 14 April 2017, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (“ECN”) and DRT signed an agreement for the launch of MOJI, a new joint venture to fast track gasification technology commercialization. MOJI (Milena-Olga Joint Innovation B.V.) is formed around the gasification technology MILENA® and the tar removal process OLGA®, both developed by ECN in cooperation with DRT. These technologies efficiently convert a wide range of sustainable feedstocks to electricity, green gas, chemicals or sustainable fuels. Synova has a strong pipeline of gasification projects where the MILENA® and OLGA® technology will be incorporated, the first of which is due to be announced later this year.


Closing of the transactions, subject to the appropriate regulatory approvals, is expected before the end of the first half of this year.


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About Synova

Synova, also known as Synova Power, is a developer of waste and biomass gasification technology and projects, with a special focus on integrated gasification combined cycle (“IGCC”) plants and co-production of chemicals. Synova’s primary offices are in the Netherlands, where it is co-located with DRT, and Bangkok, Thailand, the base of its Asian development operations.


About Royal Dahlman and Dahlman Renewable Technology (“DRT”)

DRT is the renewable division of Dahlman Industrial Group BV (“Royal Dahlman”). Royal Dahlman is a leading specialist in the removal or separation of contaminants for the world’s leading refiners and petrochemical plants. The MOJI technologies represent adaptations of technologies proven in the refinery business, and DRT’s role grew out of Royal Dahlman’s 128-year heritage of excellence in delivering service-proven solutions and maintenance for tough filtration problems in such industries. This history of excellence and integrity was formally recognized in 2011, when Dahlman received the honorable “Royal” designation from Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.  For more information, please visit and

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