Unique biomass gasification plant in India to contribute to sustainable energy generation

Washim, India, Wednesday October 4th 2017

In a unique collaboration, ECN, Dahlman Renewable Technology (DRT) a subsidiary of Synova, Thermax and Ruchi Soya have built a first-of- a-kind waste biomass gasification plant at a site in Central India.

An international group of green-tech investors, innovators and inventors gathered at the Washim biomass gasification plant in India today to celebrate this important milestone in MILENA gasification technology. This first-of- a-kind commercial plant demonstrates that MILENA gasification technology efficiently converts a wide range of sustainable feedstock into a clean substitute for natural gas.

Global collaboration for local solutions

Dr. Sonde, Head of Thermax’s Research, Technology and Innovation Centre says: “Based on DRT’s process design package, engineering and manufacturing was carried out by Thermax, and project development by Ruchi Soya. The success of this project opens up an entirely new vista for renewable energy in India. Thermax is confident of being a resourceful and reliable technology partner for all future projects.”

Green energy and chemicals

Gasification is a process for converting a wide range of organic and carbonaceous materials into a combustible gas, called producer gas. This producer gas can be used to produce renewable energy as well as renewable chemicals, and even sustainable fuels. The plant in India produces renewable electricity for local use. ECN’s proprietary MILENA technology is a so-called indirect gasification process in which the heat generation and the actual gasification process take place in separate reactors. Mark Overwijk, Unit Director Biomass & Energy Efficiency at ECN explains: “This unique design philosophy to maximize the efficiency of the process also means that its environmental impact is significantly lower. What has been achieved here in India is an impressive and important milestone and we are looking forward to seeing many more plants come online over the next few years.”

Market growth

The event was jointly organised by Synova, a developer of waste and biomass gasification technology and projects. Its DRT division is in charge of the commercial deployment of the MILENA and associated OLGA technologies that DRT has co-developed with the ECN, and Synova has a strong pipeline of gasification projects where MILENA and OLGA will be incorporated, the first of which is due to be announced later this year. Christian Jacqui, President & COO of Synova, states: “We are very excited to be sharing this milestone with Thermax, Ruchi Soya and some of our stakeholders for future projects around the world. Watching this plant in action helps solidify the role this technology will play in proliferating sustainable solutions.”


Thermax Limited, a leading energy and environment solutions provider is one of the few companies in the world that offers integrated innovative solutions in the areas of heating, cooling, power, water and waste management, air pollution control and chemicals. Thermax has manufacturing facilities in India, China, South East Asia and Europe. Thermax has been at the forefront of developing coal & biomass gasification solutions and with its engineering, procurement & construction expertise, has the ability to take projects from concept to commissioning. The sustainable solutions Thermax develops for client companies are environment-friendly and enable efficient deployment of energy and water resources. See www.thermaxglobal.com.

About Ruchi Soya

Ruchi Soya is India’s leading Agri and Food FMCG company with a turnover of USD 3 billion. It enjoys leadership position in the soy foods category in India and is one of the country’s largest players in the cooking oil segment. Its leading brands include Nutrela, Mahakosh, Sunrich, Ruchi Gold and Ruchi Star. An integrated player from farm to fork, Ruchi Soya is also among the pioneers of oil palm plantations in India. It is one of the highest exporters of value added soybean products like soy meal, textured soy protein and soy lecithin. Ruchi Soya has also diversified into renewable energy and is committed to environmental protection as part of its business strategy which reinforces its mission of becoming a truly sustainable company. See www.ruchisoya.com.

About ECN

ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) is an international leader in energy innovation. ECN does research in the field of solar power, wind energy, biomass, waste, energy efficiency, the environment and sustainable energy systems. In addition to this, ECN advises on policy and strategic matters as an independent party. ECN frequently does this in collaboration with the private sector as well as government authorities, both at home and abroad. ECN’s research focuses on finding innovative solutions to promote the use of sustainable energy and energy conservation. See www.ecn.nl.

About Synova and DRT

Synova Power is both a technology supplier and developer of next-generation waste to energy projects, with a special focus on integrated gasification combined cycle (“IGCC”) plants for power and clean renewable feedstocks for liquid fuels or specialty chemicals. Synova is developing a pipeline of waste to- energy and biomass plants from its two primary offices, based in the Netherlands and Thailand. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Dahlman Renewable Technology (DRT), the proprietary technologies jointly developed by the ECN and DRT are offered for use by third party EPCs and deployed in its own captive projects. See www.synovapower.com.

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